Educational games for kids

Educational games for kids

Is games helps us/kids to learn ?

Yes, these below games helps us/kids learn but it feels like playing with someone, is it cools:)

Oka , these are the games helps us to improve for skills or learn some new things. All these games are best rated games in play store.

1. GRE Vocabulary Builder -Test prep

GRE Vocabulary Builder -Test prep
GRE Vocabulary Builder -Test prep

This game helps us to improve our vocabulary and helps who are preparing for preparing the GRE Test.

There are there levels in this

1. Basic

2. Intermediate

3. Advanced

After completion level new advanced levels will unlock. There will be Audio pronunciation for every word and also definition and examples for every word.

2. Math Exercises for the Brain, Puzzles Math Game

If we are keep on practicing any skill tht makes us Master in that.

It is puzzle game with many levels and those are multiplayer. Type of gams are Multiplication Table, 2048, true/ flase mathematics games and more.

This game helps kids in master in basic of mathematics, multiplications tables and arithmetics and more.

3. Learn English Vocabulary Game

Learn English Vocabulary Game
Learn English Vocabulary Game

This app also helps us/kids to improve our English Vocabulary. And these game is available offline also.

In these game also there are many min games to learn English in different levels.

One more highlight is – we can practice speaking & reading English and we can check is our voice is correct or not.

4. Left vs Right: Brain Games for Brain Training

We know the concept behind left vs right brain. In this game consists of total 50 games and 6 categories. Those are Adaptability, Awareness, Patience, Precision, Reasoning, Reflex.

There are two of subscription one is regular and other is VIP. In regular there are some limitations in access. Try regular then go for VIP Subscription if you like:)